This Tree Is Me


This Tree Is Me

A maturing tree develops alongside a popular path, roots exposed, bracing many feet from falling on the often slippery earth. Though she would be more at ease off the path, leaves soaring to beat out others to the sky, here her roots will grow strong, and she will endure as shelter and guide for years to come.



Summer Fade

Days are dimming the air has a chill
Of swimming and games children have had their fill

Their skin tells adventures in tanned feet and freckled nose
Legs scratched and bit, pinkish arms and dirty toes

Time to trim the lightened hair, measure shoes and get to sleep
Looking forward to friendships, to making new ones old to keep

It is a beckoning we cannot resist, the ritual of Autumn’s kiss
The rustle of leaves enchant, quieting the birds and frogs of summer bliss

To ants and worms that crawled in and out, we bid farewell friends
On the other side of winter’s throes we will meet again

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