I’m not very hungry

I’m not very hungry, but everyone knows
if you want to be thin
you really must get your breakfast in

I’m not very hungry, I had a McMuffin
but it’s important to have a healthy snack
like a sweet apple…prevents heart attacks

I’m not very hungry, we had an office party
I didn’t want to be rude so I had cake before my entree,
skipped my veggies and ate in a hurry

I’m not very hungry, ‘cuz on the way homeIMG_1017
My belly was grumbling (for pizza with the works)
picked up a slice, now my stomach’s berserk

I’m not very hungry, was too full for salad
That’s a good sign, this really is working!
(until I sat up snacking and watching videos of people twerking)

I’m not very hungry, woke up with a full belly
Hmmm…I don’t think it’s true after all about breakfast
Without it I would have eaten less, and been MORE hungry!



Be careful what you wish for, oh so true
What if good fortune came to you
with missed chance to build anew
and lessons learned out of view

What would you do with better times
Sit back relax, enjoy some wine
Lose your drive, it’ll be just fine
Line it up and count what’s mine

With this wish would you be satisfied
or look at others and still wonder why
they have riches piled high
and you have so little, or so you cry

Like a child in a toy store
You want and pout and beg for more
Yet the hole will deepen as you ignore
Life’s blessings already at your door

No one said it would be easy to do
When funds are low and friends seem few
But you have heard it a time or two
Real happiness is up to you.

Life’s a struggle there is no doubt
It’s a lonely run when you’re without
So get to work, enjoy the drought
In the end, health and happiness is what it’s all about

A rich man I once knew
died in his sleep, he was old it’s true
On that day, all the riches mattered few
except for richness of family and comfort too

What will you have when your time is up
Will you look back and say that was more than enough
We all come in the same way and go out too
What happens ‘between is up to you.