Malaina’s nice, Sophia sometimes is not.
Bryan’s tall, Alicia giggles a lot.
We all agree, each one is different.

Heaven talks with her hands, Keiran likes to clown
My hair is auburn, Jarron’s is brown.
We all agree, in little ways we’re different.

Evan’s super fast, he races his chair.
Li taught us how to celebrate Chinese New Year.
We all agree, it’s fun to be different.

We’ve come to learn inside we are the same
heart, lungs, blood, brain.
We all agree, we are no different.


Not Cool Rolling Stone: A Teacher’s Response

(Note: If I I had the opportunity to convey a message to the world, via the front cover of the NYT, it would be about social responsibility of the media, in the wake of countless shootings and violence.)

Rolling Stone Senior Editor Christian Hoard needs to go back to class, and get some class.

The picture used for the cover of the July 17, 2013 Rolling Stone Magazine was an unashamed bit of poor marketing. It showed the best side of a young man who terrorized Boston, and points well beyond. I’m not one for censorship, at all. The use of the alluring photo of the alleged bomber was a questionable choice, however.  I feel for everyone affected by the bombing, which is everyone, but particularly those still in rehabilitation and mourning, who have to endure Rolling Stone’s miscalculation. Sergeant Sean Murphy, a Massachusetts State Police tactical photographer, must have felt the same and released the not-so-glamorous photo of the alleged bomber we have now. It’s quite a contrast to the Rolling Stone cover.

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