I’m not very hungry

I’m not very hungry, but everyone knows
if you want to be thin
you really must get your breakfast in

I’m not very hungry, I had a McMuffin
but it’s important to have a healthy snack
like a sweet apple…prevents heart attacks

I’m not very hungry, we had an office party
I didn’t want to be rude so I had cake before my entree,
skipped my veggies and ate in a hurry

I’m not very hungry, ‘cuz on the way homeIMG_1017
My belly was grumbling (for pizza with the works)
picked up a slice, now my stomach’s berserk

I’m not very hungry, was too full for salad
That’s a good sign, this really is working!
(until I sat up snacking and watching videos of people twerking)

I’m not very hungry, woke up with a full belly
Hmmm…I don’t think it’s true after all about breakfast
Without it I would have eaten less, and been MORE hungry!