Granny Rally

Photo credit where credit is due.

Photo credit where credit is due.

Here’s the final, kid-approved version, from a previous post entitled “Look Who’s at the Rally!” I had to get through my almost 8-year-old editor.

Granny Rally (Take 3)

Ladies and gentlemen get on your feet, in comes the granny rally!
They’ve come from miles and miles, ready to ride, Cadillac style
Line ’em up and watch ’em go, those V8’s will put on a show.
Now they’re off, sharp turn ’round the bend, rev it up and back again.
Grandma Elsie’s in the lead, but Grandma Cathy is looking mean
Coming up from behind, she zips in front, doing fine.
It’s Grandma Cathy for the win, with family cheering, she takes her spin.