Come Walk With Me


Come walk with me child
I haven’t seen you in a while
Stand straight up, now give us a smile
What, you don’t know me?
Sure you do, I’m the dream that’s been waiting for you
I said I’d be here no matter what you do
You said be right back, won’t be long, just got this little thing to do
Know what? You lost track of you
Rushing and hurrying with have-to’s in your sack
It wasn’t a big deal, but I sure am glad you’re back
That’s right I’m your dreams, ah I see you remember me.
Now let’s get down to business
Where were we?


My name is Cathy. My writing says it all for me, other than I had no idea it would be so much fun to find each reader, and to see from what far corners you come. Thank you for reading.



15 thoughts on “Come Walk With Me

  1. OH you and your son are something quite special. My grown daughter invited me and my husband to come live with her. I’m so lucky. You’re so lucky. Look forward to sharing.

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