Follow Your Dreams Or They’ll Beat You Down With A Stick

Success as a blogger is simple for me. It is to find and follow bloggers who inspire me emotionally and intellectually, so I was a success as soon as I began to find a little community. I’m inspired by the creativity I’ve witnessed, and that is saying a lot.  I am particularly thrilled that kids (teens old enough to blog!) have liked my stuff, it is reassuring to know I can still evolve my skills and have much to offer still after leaving teaching. This is my life’s work, and I can build on it rather than leave it behind. Thank-you blogging for offering me a medium to reach others.

Each like, I’ve noticed, is typically someone I share a common thread with (unless it’s a transparent internet marketer). Whether it’s another single mom, or another blogger with a similar upbringing or experiences, I keep delighting in that we are able to find one another. I also enjoy when people who I would typically never have the chance to connect with like my writing and when I’m exposed to new ideas. I had thought this is what teaching would offer, and it did, for a while. Education is a little beaten down now, and I need more than it had to offer, especially as a single parent. Monetary rewards just aren’t enough to make diminishing returns feels like a return .

As a career shifter, I’m discovering that I enjoy writing just for the sake of writing, whether there is a monetary gain or not. That’s important to know, and blogging offers an invaluable platform, with real feedback. With blogging I’m a success by my standards because I have found others’ whose work I look forward to and who may enjoy mine as well. It’s food for the soul.

You get to choose your connections and not drag around your high school chums you would really rather not be in constant contact with. No offense class of ’89. I admire bloggers who share themselves freely, they inspire confidence do the same. I believe the experience will help me evolve my writing and myself. I’ve always been a writer, having worked for newspapers. I can get my point across, and write lots of words, but I would consider myself a success if I could write a story or poem with great appeal. If I could evolve to write a little something which was received well by all walks of life, then I’ll know I’ve become a good writer, with genuine appeal to young and old. The greatest achievement would be writing a piece (or 100) which my son would love and be proud of. I hope to leave him my words as a long-lasting gift, the greatest offering of myself I could hope to give for the future.

Right now the secret to my success is letting go of success. I’ve walked away from traditional definitions of success to raise my child, support my own emotional and physical health and invest my energies where the returns are not just monetary. I don’t know how it will turn out but I know that it has to be better than following a path that is not working. I know I will flourish, so how can I be anything but successful if I’m allowing myself to be healthy and happy? Best to you as well.

If you find yourself in a ditch
and you seem to have developed a twitch
just be yourself
Get your ideas off the shelf
and get on with it find your own niche

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success


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