Six-year-old Patty told Mommy,”Tommy wrote his name on the hallway wall.”
He wrote in blue, his favorite color.
Mommy put Patty in time out. Four-year-old Tommy couldn’t write at all.


The greatest words ~Los mas grandes palabras

The best question.
“Momma, will you marry me?”
The nicest gift.
“I will build you a house right next to mine.”
The truest compliment.
A smile at your picture when you are sitting nearby.
The sweetest love.
“I love you as much as you love me.”
La pregunta mejor.
“Mama, quieres casarte conmigo?”
El mejor regalo ofrecido.
“Yo te edificare una casa junto a la mia”
El cumplido mas verdadero
“Una sonrisa a su imagen”
El amor más dulce
“Te quiero tanto como tu me amas.”

Good night

Good night sweet child, it’s time to sleep, tomorrow’s another day
Together we’ll sail on the open sea, hunt treasures on our way
We’ll build a fort and call it home, have a chase or two
I can’t wait to celebrate, another day with you
We’ll laugh and sing, try everything, whatever you can scheme
Open your arms, I’ll fill them with all your hopes and dreams
I love you to the planets and stars, every moment in every way
Good night sweet child, it’s time to sleep, tomorrow’s another day

Poison Ivy

Don’t go in there, you’ll regret it
that patch of bushes is deadly
ask anyone who’s had the rash
you’ll be praying quite steadily
At first you’ll think it’s fine, no need for alarm
‘Til your ankles spring itches
all the way up to your arm

Don’t go in there, you’ll regret it
That’s what they said,
I went in and that’s how I got it
from the soles of my feet to the top of my head
First it starts a itchin’ and then it starts a oozin’
Your ma will say “Don’t scratch it!”
But you can’t stop thinking ’bout it or keep your hands from movin’

Don’t go in there, you’ll regret it
that’s what I say
even with overalls and work boots
think twice before you go play
You’ve got to believe me, my carefree days are through
Now I’m twitchin’ and red fever blisterin’
Don’t let it happen to you

Don’t go in there, you’ll regret it
I’ll tell you the whole sordid story
Wait a sec, I just lost my ball
Hold that thought, it was just about to get gory
I’ll just run into the woods a bit and be back in a hurry
I’ll need to sit on it to tell you the full story.